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Swarovski African Sunset jewellery collection

Two leaders of luxury goods, The Scoin Shop and Swarovski, have partnered to bring you the latest in luxury jewellery, the Swarovski African Sunset Jewellery Collection.

Designed by Swarovski International, the collection was inspired by the sun setting over a lake in Africa. The gold of the medallion perfectly resembles the golden hue of a setting sun, while the sparkling of the Swarovski crystals resembles the glistening of the water as its catches the last rays of the sun.

Each medallion is able to spin on its axis within the frame setting. This enables the beauty of the obverse and reverse of the gold medallions to be visible at all times.

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Swarovski's pioneering collaborations and trusted partnerships have sparked the imagination of designers, couturiers, artists and architects with their crystals for decades.


The Swarovski African Sunset collection is designed and manufactured by OROAFRICA.

OROAFRICA was founded in 1945 as a family-owned manufacturing and wholesale jewellery business.


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