Our Partners

We work closely with various organisations to bring the most innovative and exciting products available. They are: The Nelson Mandela Foundation, The South African Association of Numismatic Dealers, The British Royal Mint, Royal Norwegian Mint, The South African Mint, The Perth Mint, NGC Coin, Monnaie De Paris and the Professional Coin Grading Service. Discover more about these amazing organisations.

Nelson Mandela Foundation

With our continued relationship with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, we have managed to help raise significant funds to further the development of education in South Africa, in line with Mandela’s vision.




Royal Norwegian Mint

Royal Norwegian Mint (Den Kongelige Mynt) was founded in 1686 as part of the Kongsberg Silverworks, to convert the silver extracted from the mines into coins.

The South African Gold Coin Exchange has had many successful partnerships with the Mint of Norway so far including the Mandela/De Klerk Medallion and the 90th Birthday 2oz Gold Mandela Medallion.

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The South African Mint

The South African Mint is proud to have received a number of awards for the design and quality of its gold and silver coins. Many of these coins depict themes from South Africa's rich cultural and natural heritage and reflect the dedication and attention to detail that the company's people devote to all its products. In addition to minting all of South Africa's coins, the SA Mint supplies coins and coin blanks to an increasing number of countries throughout the world and has built up a reputation for reliability, quality and innovation.

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British Royal Mint

More than 1,000 years of experience have made the Royal Mint a leader in the art of coin making, with its high quality work recognised and valued worldwide.

A tradition of craftsmanship and artistry built up over centuries underlies the Royal Mint's international reputation. It is the world's leading export mint, whose work is prized both by the collectors who seek out its limited-edition Proof coins, and the scores of countries and issuing authorities who are its customers.

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The South African Association of Numismatic Dealers

The South African Association of Numismatic Dealers (SAAND) is a non-profit association of professional numismatists founded in 1983. SAAND’s function is to ensure a high degree of professionalism by its members. Each SAAND member has agreed to a strict code of ethics, which is enforceable by our constitution. SAAND members are engaged in the retail numismatic trade, primarily in South African numismatics, and may conduct business from anywhere in the world. One can buy with confidence from SAAND dealers with a guarantee of authenticity.

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NGC Coin

NGC was founded in 1987, and for coin grading, its opening heralded the introduction of a new standard of integrity. From the beginning NGC focused on only one objective, a standard of consistent and accurate grading. As NGC has grown to become the leader in third-party grading services, we have maintained a steadfast and uncompromising commitment to this standard.

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Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT), the leader in third-party authentication and grading services for high-value collectibles including rare coins, trading cards, tickets, autographs, memorabilia and stamps.

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Monnaie De Paris

From the Franc to the Euro, La Monnaie de Paris remains closely entangled with the history of France and its coinage.

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The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint was founded in 1899 to help refine gold mined in Western Australia and turn it into sovereigns and supply the rest of Australia.

 When sovereigns were withdrawn from circulation in 1931, the Mint used its skills in the production of other coins, while still continuing to refine gold. It remained under British ownership until 1970 when control passed to the Western Australian Government, who owns it to this day.

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