Shipping Policy

Up to R75,000 R450
Between R75,000 and R150,000 R600
Between R150,000 and R500,000 R1,000
Between R500,000 and R1,000,000 R2,000
Over R1,000,000 Price On Application


  1. If you want to make use of our Risk-Free Safe Custody service, let us know and we will send you the necessary forms and related costs. Once you have completed the forms, scan them and send them by e-mail or fax, with a copy of your ID/Passport and a proof of address.
  2. For delivery, please send a physical address, based in South Africa, where you can be reached during business hours, Monday to Friday.
  3. We only ship coins and medallions within South Africa.
  4. When you order coins or medallions (such as Krugerrands) online, courier fees apply.
  5. In order to ensure your delivery is as secure as possible we, as well as our couriers, are only allowed to let you know that delivery will take place during business hours on a specific day. We can be no more specific.
  6. Proof of identification is required.
  7. Delivery schedules of presold stock will be advised after purchase.