1892 MS62 1 POND D/S NGC

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1892 Kruger Pond Double Shaft graded MS62 by NGC. Slightly weak or average strike with no trace of wear. More or larger abrasions than an MS/PF 63. Part of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek Coins of the era.

What makes most ZAR coins so unique are their slight flaws, due to the technology used in the minting process. The 1892 Single Shaft and Double Shaft Ponde are some of the most famous and sought-after coins in the world. Ordered by the iconic President Paul Kruger in time for the 1892 general elections, the initial batch featured a double-shaft ox wagon. Unfortunately, the traditional Boer wagon features a single shaft. The design had to be rectified and a new batch had to be minted. The mistake almost cost President Kruger the elections.

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