1902 MS65 Veldpond

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The Veldpond is one of the most beautiful and unusual collector’s coins ever minted in the ZAR. A total of 986 coins were
minted and only 106 have been graded. These ZAR coins were minted with hand presses in the fields of Pilgrim’s Rest, as the
advancing British troops took control of the only working mint in the region.


1902 MS65 Veldpond

Without a doubt, the Veldpond is one of the most beautiful coins in our country, as well as the most beautiful in the world. This can easily be seen anytime you place a Veldpond alongside any of our other coins. There simply is no contest.

The big difference between the Veldpond and other coins is that the Veldpond has the most character and personality. This is because they were hand-made. Each and every one is unique and individual. Their shapes, which vary from concave to convex, are the shiniest of all of our coins. They seem to refract light better than any others.
On analysing the coin market, an experienced investor would find it tough to beat a better strategy than buying 5 or more Veldpond coins. They are drivers in our market, moving it to higher levels. Drivers are the highest performers in the market.

With investors and collectors gaining knowledge and learning more about the Veldpond, there is no better investment strategy than buying a controlling number of these beautiful coins. Less than 1000 were minted and the few that are left will become increasingly sought after.

Surprisingly, because they are not cheap, the Veldpond is one of the most liquid of all of the coins we sell. They truly jump off the market once they have been put up for sale.

Amongst the Afrikaner, these coins almost enjoy the status and reverence of a religious artifact. There is something extraordinary about these coins that cannot be put into words. They became rare and sought after from the very time that they were minted. There are very few coins in the world that can lay claim to this. Generally, rare coins only become rare only after many years. What is even more amazing is the fact that these coins seem to have the same effect all over the world. They maintain strong markets amongst collectors in the USA, Australia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Success story: A ZAR coin with an incredible story, Veldponde have been known to sell for millions. The Scoin Shop sold a MS66 graded Veldpond for R2.45 million.

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