French Excellence Guy Savoy 1oz Gold Coin


French Excellence Guy Savoy 1oz Gold Coin, Proof Quality, Year Date 2017, an exceptional coin presenting outstanding knowhow. The alliance of two famous French companies. Minted by The Monnaie de Paris.  


French Excellence Guy Savoy 1oz Gold Coin

The South African Gold Coin Exchange & The Scoin Shop are proud retailers of the French Excellence Guy Savoy 1oz Gold Coin minted by The Monnaie de Paris.

Monnaie de Paris collaborates with a French house and creates every year a unique series inspired by two traditions of fine French craftsmanship. In 2017, Monnaie de Paris celebrates Michelin starred Chef Guy Savoy whose restaurant was appointed Best Restaurant in the world. The series makes references to the gastronomic register of the starred Chef: the egg, the truffle, the asparagus…

Furthermore this 200€ Gold coin has an unique egg shape, reference to this ingredient that is used in so many culinary creations. As on the obverse, we can see a hen that is composed of elements from Guy Savoy’s culinary universe. The neck takes the shape of a skate wing, the body is drawn with artichoke leaves, with the texture of a truffle and with the scales of a fish. The tail is made in comparison of a cabbage leaf. The reverse presents the four elements used when cooking, and in its centre the egg yolk.

In conclusion, this unique coin is a one-of-a-kind made by fine French craftsmanship.

  • Denomination: 1oz Gold Proof
  • Weigh: 31.104g
  • Face Value: 200
  • Metal: OR FIN 999/1000
  • Diameter: 37.000mm
  • Year Date: 2017
  • Mintage: 500
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