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Safe Gold - Keep your gold and coin portfolio safe

Entrust us to keep your gold coins safe

Keep your Gold Coins Safe with our Risk-Free Safe Custody

Safe Gold FAQ’s

The escalating cost of crime has necessitated the introduction of a subsidised fee to ensure the continued safe-keeping of your collectables.

We utilise Lloyd’s of London as our insurer.

Proof of insurance may be requested from the SafeGold Team at head office.

  • SafeGold can insure your entire coin collection, simply and seamlessly, for your convenience.
  • SafeGold offers the most affordable storage options.
  • SafeGold offers unlimited storage of coins and medallions bought from us
  • Risk Free and Hassle Free

Payment towards Safegold storage is calculated on an annual basis and takes all administration costs into account for the year.

The client will be able to with draw their coins / medallions at any time, however the fee will not be refunded.

The 3 and 5 year plans will be refunded the future years not utilised.

  • Your collection may be collected at the Johannesburg head office, with prior arrangement, free of charge.
  • Your collection may be couriered directly to your address or Scoin Shop and a quote for delivery will be supplied.
  • Your collection may be couriered to your nearest Scoin shop for collection with 7 days of arrival at Store and a quote for delivery will be supplied.

All clients have until December 2016 to release their items or sign up to SafeGold.

If Clients do not release their coins or sign up to SafeGold, a storage fee plus a courier fee will be levied.

They will receive an Invoice in this regard where payment will be required within 30 days.

  • Yes, each account is liable for payment
  • Should the clients reside in the same household & the value of the combined collection exceeds R1 million, then the client will qualify for free SafeGold.
  • SafeGold will submit your request to our trading department and revert to you via our Customer Relations department
  • There is no guarantee that the coin/s will be purchased by us.

You may request a collection update from your Scoin Shop or Broker.

With every purchase or release from the client’s collection an updated SafeGold confirmation letter will be emailed to the client and their relevant Scoin Shop or Broker.

You may email or Call head Office on 011 784 8551

Within 7 working days from receipt of release request to SafeGold department.

Yes we may store them in Safegold, provided the client has purchased other medallions from Scoin.

Other coins placed into SafeGold, not purchased from Scoin will not be insured by SafeGold.

  • SafeGold Agreement & debit order confirmation document.
  • SafeGold request for storage document.
  • Provide a copy of ID document
  • Provide a copy of Banking details
  • Provide a copy of proof of residence.
  • All debit orders will take place on the first business day in January yearly.
  • All increases & confirmation of debit order deduction will be communicated in the November prior to the debit order.
  • Convenience & peace of mind
  • No additional costs of annual increases
  • An overall discounted rate

The annual fee increase will be related to the annual inflation increase.

We are proud to announce that we offer the best price according to the benefits you receive.

We will facilitate the transfer of your coins/medallions to the storage facility of your choice, however it will at your cost.