Celebrate the coronation of King Charles III
May 2023

Can anyone explain why Charles isn’t wearing a crown?

The clock is ticking. There are just a couple of days to go until King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla are joined by 2,000 guests at Westminster Abbey for their coronation on Saturday, 6 May.

With millions of people across the UK and the world preparing to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III - anticipation is building. 

We know senior members of the royal family will be there - but there is much speculation as to which world leaders, royals from around the world, celebrities, actors, and politicians have been invited. And there is plenty of buzz around fashion choices - especially tiaras, hats and fascinators.

British royal pageantry is known for its grandeur, tradition, and meticulous attention to detail. The British royal family has a long history of pomp and ceremony, which will be on full display. But, alongside this, we will see another side to British life, which includes the unconventional, the quirky, the eclectic, and sometimes eccentric as the Coronation Weekend unfolds with events like the Coronation Concert and the Coronation Big Lunch.

Charles III already became king on September 8, 2022, with the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. And many aspects of daily life in the U.K. have already changed- from the national anthem, stamps and passports to banknotes and coins. Last year on the 30th of September, The Royal Mint unveiled the official coin effigy of His Majesty King Charles III. These daily use coins bearing The King’s portrait have been circulating since December 2022.

In keeping with tradition, The King’s portrait faces to the left, the opposite direction of Queen Elizabeth II. But that isn’t the only difference between the new and old coins. Charles wears no crown on the circulated coins that feature his portrait because it is tradition that only female monarchs wear a crown on their coins.

Don’t feel left out, The Royal Mint has curated sets and struck a collection of commemorative coins to celebrate the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, in which each new coin features the first crowned coinage portrait of His Majesty The King. And on Saturday 6th of May, Coronation Day, coin collectors will have a bonus opportunity to purchase a special Strike on the Day Sovereign to celebrate the coronation. This Strike on the Day Sovereign will be struck on the actual coronation day and will feature the first official crowned coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III.