Trade Exchange Terms and Conditions

Updated 28 April 2022

A. Price

  1. The final trade exchange price of Krugerrands (and other bullion coins) will be the ruling price at the time the Krugerrand is delivered to the South African Gold Coin Exchange and/or The Scoin Shop. 
  2. Should the Krugerrand be delivered on a weekend or public holiday the ruling price will be determined by the gold line on that specific day. 
  3. The price offered of any coins/medallions are made by the South African Gold Coin Exchange trading department and are subject to confirmation by both parties. 

B. Payment

  1. Upon acceptance and delivery for the coins sold, it can take up to 30 working days before the corresponding payment to reflect in the client's account.  
  2. Please note that no electronic payments can be made into credit card/international or investment accounts. 
  3. The South African Gold Coin Exchange/ The Scoin Shop cannot be held responsible for any incorrect banking details or omissions (E.&O.E.)

C. Communication

  1. Any information, opinion or communication from us whether written or oral is only given as a general view, in good faith, of products, markets or opinions, without regard to specific objectives or needs, and not as any investment advice, or to bind us in any way.
  2. VAT Description: For purposes of selling the coins herein described, the client declares that he/she is not VAT registered and that the supply is not a taxable supply for VAT purposes.