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The bullion Krugerrand coin is a legal tender gold coin and is the most popular gold coin in the world. The bullion Krugerrand coins comes in four sizes: 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz pure gold.  


Proof Krugerrands are more special and unique compared to Bullion Krugerrands. A Proof Krugerrand is hand-packed and encapsulated to help preserve it’s value.

Proof Krugerrands may also carry a special mint mark to commemorate specific events, making them more valuable than regular Krugerrands.

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Modern Coins

Modern numismatic coins are collectible coins that have been minted in modern times. These coins bear intricate designs and are inspired by a compelling story or moment in history from the world’s most prestigious mints. 

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Extremely Rare & Unique ZAR Coins

ZARs are the first indigenous coins produced for the Republic of South Africa. Among the ZARs are five coins known as “The Big 5” ZARs; The Pond, Fine Beard (1874), The Pond, Coarse Beard (1874), The Sammy Marks Tickey (1898), The Double 9 Overstamp (1899) and The Veldpond (1902). 

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What is a medallion?

Medallions were created to commemorate a person or an event in history, just like a modern coin, but it doesn’t have a face value (for example a coin can say R100 or $5, and a Medallion will not have a face value). 

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Coins we don't buy

Please read this message form the South African Mint if you have a R5 coin or other circulation currency you are looking to sell.

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Circulation coins

(Current South African Money)

What are circulation coins?

Circulation coins are legal tender coins that are minted by The South African Mint, and that are used in our everyday transactions as currency. The value of the coin is equal to the number on it (called the face value) for example, a R2 coin is worth R2. National Mints may produce commemorative circulation coins to celebrate a person or an event that has made an impact in a country’s history. However, these coins do not carry any higher value and are not bought back by the mint or us. 

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Mandela circulation coins

The Mandela R5 coins are legal tender in South Africa, bearing the value of R5 only. This commemorative coin has no higher value than other circulation coins and is therefore not a collectible coin. 

A Mandela R5 coin
is worth R5. 

We do not buy ANY

circulation coins

Rare & old circulation coins

i.e. R5, R2 R1, etc

Old circulation coins were once used as legal tender in South Africa but are no longer considered to have any value and cannot be used as a legal tender. Coins such as 1c, 2c, 50c are some examples.