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The Difference Between Bullion & Proof


Matte Finish

Single Struck

Intended To Be Touched And Handled

Scratches Don't Affect The Value

Not Easy To Scratch Them


No Fixed Yearly Mintage

180 Serrations

Rounded At The Edge

Universal Bullion Price

Attracts Capital Gains Tax


Mirror-Like Frosted Finish

Double Struck

High Quality Coin, Not Intended To Be Touched By Hand

Scratches Will Affect The Value

Easy To Damage The Coins

Not Stackable

Yearly Limited Mintage

220 Serrations

Very Sharp Sides

Added Numismatic Value

Does Not Attract Capital Gains Tax

Gold the sentiment for centuries

Find the perfect coin for you

The hobby of kings

The magic and majesty of coins

Coins date back to around 700BC where they were used initially as a currency for trades. The beauty and art of coins soon evolved as collectors found value beyond the precious metal content. Whether bullion, proof, rare numismatics or modern works of art, there is a coin for everyone.