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Safe Gold - Safe Guard your gold coin portfolio

Keep your Gold Coins Safe with our Risk-Free Safe Custody

With crime on the rise, let us protect your valuable coins and medallions.

100% RISK AND HASSLE FREE – Keep Your Gold Safe

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Established in 1972, we have helped thousands of people preserve their wealth by adding illustrious gold coins and medallions to their asset portfolio.

With over 25 Scoin shops nationwide and in Namibia, we are the only coin and medallion retail chain store in the world.

Our close ties to international Mints, we are able to offer you the widest variety of coins and medallions to satisfy your alternative asset requirements.

We are also the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Nobel Laureate medallions.

Our expert sales consultants are available to offer insight into the world of the most trusted alternative assets for the last 60 years.