Jul 2021

Joyeux fête du Canada!

1st July is Canada Day! Let’s celebrate our Canadian friend and partner, The Royal Canadian Mint 

Coinciding with Canada Day celebrations this year, we are excited to announce these new releases:

The Royal Canadian Mint ( RCM). We have a long and well-established relationship with RCM. Over the past 50-years, we have worked together to bring Canadian manufactured collectables, bullion coins, medallions and tokens to South Africa showing our commitment to the numismatic market and the hobby of coin collecting.

Rael Demby says that

“RCM appreciates our support of their brand. We are both champions of the encouragement of gold coins, collectables and modern numismatics.”

The Royal Canadian Mint was founded in Ottawa in 1902. While the headquarters remain in the Canadian capital, an advanced manufacturing facility operates from Winnipeg, Western Canada. 

This is one of the world's most sophisticated minting operations, equipped with incredibly advanced coin production technologies.

Demby adds

“RCM is famous for the high standards of their outsourced coin production, storage, assay, reference and analysis tools, as well as their world-class refinery. Like-wise RCM is selective in whom they choose as partners. We are proud that RCM recognises us as their exclusive South African partner”.

We know Canada is recognised for its extreme politeness, enthusiasm for ice hockey, legendary maple syrup, moose and beautiful natural scenery. But did you know The Royal Canadian Mint is also known for:

  • Being a world leader in high-tech coin production
  • Being the world's first refinery to produce 9999 gold (99.99% pure) bullion coins. 
  • The Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf bullion coin which is one of the world's most famous platinum coins. 
  • The Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai which was the world's first-ever photo-luminescent coin. The dinosaur image turned into a skeleton once the coin was placed in darkness. Subsequent releases in this "glow-in-the-dark" series have rapidly sold out.