Our Manifesto

Gold has shone bright for over six thousand years. For almost 50 years, we’ve held the torch. Enlightening the world with this golden light. And people started to listen, they started to learn, they started to collect.

As time went on, we found ourselves evolving.  

The difference between then and now? 

We’re redefining opportunity. We’re ensuring that gold is for everyone. 

We’re infusing trends before they’ve been noticed. 

We’re listening to our buyers, and anticipating their needs. 

We’re crafting a future that redefines gold ownership. 

We’re connecting the antiques with the moderns, the young with the old. 

We’re blazing a trail forward, seeking ways to reshape the industry. 

We’re embracing new technologies and cryptocurrencies. 

Bringing our clients stock from the world’s most prestigious mints. 

While widening our range with Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

We’re offering more, but we still love Mandela, Paul and Elizabeth.

We’ve never felt more alive, knowing that gold will never get old. 

We are the next gold rush. 

Half a century has seen us evolve. 

But the change begins today.

With us. With you. 

With The South African Gold Coin Exchange and The Scoin Shop.


Collectors Welcome