Jan 2022

Our podcast COLLECTOMANIA launched last year in April and ever since Gareth Cliff has been interviewing guests with serious collections. It has been fascinating, intriguing… and even a little weird. With 36 episodes already in the can we are looking forward to season two and more great interviews in 2022. To celebrate the success of our podcast we asked the team at CliffCentral and our colleagues to share their favourite episode with us. With 36 to choose from there was plenty to pick from.

I loved Trevor's Hot Wheels collection and story, but Dr Barry Shmeizer's Manchester United collection is truly magnificent. I myself have collected Man Utd shirts, ticket stubs and memorabilia over the years, but his collection is remarkable. What I love about the show is the stories and memories shared with each item that is cherished. Collectomania has been a huge success because of the feel-good energy and passionate people we have had the pleasure of listening to on cliffcentral.com.

Rael Demby, CEO SAGCE & The Scoinshop

My favourite was Benjy Moody with his record collection. As an avid collector of music books, CDs and a follower of the weekly music charts I could definitely relate to his collection as it brought music to my ears (pun intended :) )

Barret Edelstein, New Business Manager, CliffCentral

E6 The Real Mad Hatter - I Loved the episode as it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Even if you go and look at Jen’s pictures of the hats, they are exquisite! Very unique and loved her story about her son overcoming Leukemia. I felt inspired by her.

Monique Kriel, The Scoinshop Brooklyn 

My favourite episode of Collectomania so far was the travelling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection, because it's a fun nostalgic collection... AND I love how they get to travel the world - and even have their own Instagram account!

Dori van Loggerenberg, Content manager CliffCentral

Pokemon Podcast – Always been a fan and can be just as valuable as some rare proof coins.

David MacMillan, Sales Consultant Head Office

Kyle’s Pokemon Collection was actually my favourite so far. To do a live card pack opening on the show and to get the best available card was an authentic demonstration of what the thrill of collecting is all about. It also showcased that collecting is not only about creating monetary value (which Pokemon cards have proved to show) but also sentimental value.

Greg Cohen, Station Manager CliffCentral

The episode featuring a collection of military aviation flight gear and the history behind the items. Dean Wingrin is a self-confessed military aviation junkie who has collected over 50 helmets, 15 g-suits, 19 flight suits and much more! He shared where his passion started, and how he acquired all these items. 

Gareth Cliff, Host of COLLECTOMANIA

Mark Wade chatted to Gareth about his bayonet collection. I have always had a fascination with military history and technology. It was such a niche and unique collection, but the back story of the collection is what really interested me. Bayonets date back as far as the 17th century, and essentially are a knife, dagger, sword, or spike-shaped weapon designed to fit on the end of the muzzle of a rifle, musket or similar firearm, allowing it to be used like a spear.

Kylen Govender Marketing Assistant, Head Office

I like weapons from The Cold War, and watch a lot of documentaries from the First World War to date. Based on this I could relate to his interest and place his collection into perspective.I have a Bayonet that is over 100 years old.    

Andre Van Der Merwe, Area Sales Manager ( Walmer)

My favourite was the 13th of December when Paulo had his MAD Magazine collection. I loved the fact that he is a family man who could still have his childhood memories around him in a tangible format. I've always loved MAD as they were a huge part of my consumption of American culture as a youth.

Mbulelo Thinta, Cliff Central Co- host on The GCS and host of The MKT Show.

My favorite episode was – ‘E23’ - Matt’s Coffee Machines. As an avid coffee drinker I loved the particular episode as Matt discussed the different ways to brew coffee.I never knew there is such an array of ways to make coffee. Even coffee taking 12 hours to brew – I’ll never be able to wait that long….LOL!! 

Jolene Barnard, The Scoin Shop Eastgate Mall

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