Friday, September 30th is SAVE THE KOALA DAY!
Sep 2022

Friday, September 30th is

The iconic Koala is loved not only by Australians but wildlife enthusiasts across the globe. This can be attributed to its endearing appearance and soft grey fur - let’s just say Koalas have a very high “cute factor”. You might have been lucky to see a genuine Koala on your travels or possibly in a Zoo. Perhaps you fell in love with the character Buster Moon, a hustling theatre impresario in the hit animated movie Sing 1 & 2. Whatever your introduction to this tree-climbing mammal, you may well not know that these delightful individuals are disappearing from our planet.  

The Koala is an endangered species because their natural habitat is being destroyed to make way for new homes, roads and mines in Australia. Climate change and sloppy legal protection for Australia’s beloved Koalas have also contributed to the decline in the Koala population.

Save the Koala Day was created to draw attention to the plight of the Koala. The future of these lovable, cuddly creatures is uncertain, but committed conservationists like the Australian Koala Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund are dedicated to protecting the environment, treating injured Koalas, rehabilitating them, returning them to the wild, replanting trees and helping build better habitats for them.

Koalas are not only adorable, they are also quirky little creatures.

These little furry friends can eat up to a kilogram a day of eucalyptus and can sleep up to 18 hours per day. The Koala is also a case of mistaken identity as they have been called “koala bears” when in fact, they are marsupials in the same family as kangaroos and wombats.

The delightful Koala is celebrated by our partner, The Perth Mint. The Australian Koala 2019 High relief Coin Series salutes one of Australia’s most iconic animals with a depiction of a Koala relaxing in a eucalyptus tree, where the much-loved marsupials spend most of their lives. In the background is a finely observed depiction of gum leaves. This extraordinary 2oz gold coin is a remarkable addition to the annual series, struck in high relief to enhance the depth and detail of the design. The Perth Mint’s proof quality high relief strike is renowned throughout the world for its superb clarity and the additional detail it portrays.