Apr 2022

The flood devastation in KwaZulu -Natal is overwhelming and has left thousands of people distraught and displaced. We are thankful that NGOs, charities and civil society groups are working together to provide flood victims with food, water, clothing and other essentials. 

You have probably read in the newspapers or online or seen on the TV news that Gift of the Givers is leading the relief efforts in the province. Their teams are on-site and are working with communities to assist those in distress. Gift of the Givers has reported that they have been receiving calls from individuals and corporates offering support to stricken communities. We salute all who are contributing to alleviate the hardship. You can also help out by donating using the link below.

The South African Gold Coin Exchange ( SAGCE) & The Scoin Shop are in solidarity with Gift of the Givers. Our assistance stems from an ongoing relationship with 67 Blankets for Mandela Day. Before the rains hit KZN 

67 Blankets for Mandela Day and Gift of the Givers had joined forces to create a gigantic Rainbow Nation Blanket of Hope. We were proud and excited to be part of those efforts and showed our commitment with a substantial sponsorship of wool used to create blankets. We have collaborated with 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day since it started way back in 2014 when founder Carolyn Steyn invited us to get involved. We could never have predicted that home knitted and crocheted blankets would be needed right now in KZN.

With the unprecedented KZN flood emergency and the immediate need for humanitarian help, we are thankful that the combined efforts of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day and Gift of the Givers are leading the way with ethical and compassionate assistance. 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day have swung into action by diverting blankets destined for the Rainbow Nation Blanket of Hope to Gift of the Givers. These blankets are being distributed to desperate residents.

The founder of Gift of the Givers, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, has acknowledged that despite all our troubles, frictions and challenges, this is indeed an incredible country where the spirit of Ubuntu always takes centre stage and reigns supreme. We recognise the extraordinary work of Gift of the Givers. We are proud that our association with 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day is contributing to the many who are in need.

Our condolences go out to those that have lost loved ones, those who have been displaced and those who have lost their homes and valued possessions.

For more details on the relief efforts and information on how to donate to Gift of the Givers, please visit www.giftofthegivers.org/disaster-response/kzn-flood-relief/37064