Mar 2022

For many of us, Mr Men and Little Miss were part of our childhood.

You might have had a couple of well-read paperbacks or have been lucky enough to have the complete box set on your shelf. It all started in 1971 with Mr Tickle, and now he has many friends who make up the Mr Men and Little Miss series. These books feature some of the most internationally recognised and loved characters, and The Royal Mint is marking this occasion with a series of coins to toast the darling Mr Men and Little Miss characters.

We asked our team to join in the fun and tell us which Little Mr or Little Miss character best represents them and nominate a Mr or Little Miss persona corresponding to one of their colleagues. 

Kyle Zanninello a sales consultant from our Head Office told us that he is Mr Funny and the Little Miss Busy Title goes to Sandra Mee, who is our customer relationship manager. 

Kyle Zanninello

Mr Funny

Sandra Mee

Little Miss Busy

Little Miss Stubborn is Kayla Rodrigues ( operations coordinator), who nominated Rael Demby, CEO of The South African Gold Coin Exchange & The Scoin Shop, as Mr Brave.

Fun fact: The most popular character from the series is still the very first Mr Man; Mr Tickle.

Kayla Rodrigues

Little Miss Stubborn 

Rael Demby

Mr Brave

Rael identifies with the Little Mr Cool character and puts Candice Pask, our in-house legal coordinator, up for the Little Miss Wise title. 

Rael Demby

Mr Cool

Candice Pask

Little Miss Wise

Sara Joubert, the regional sales manager for KwaZulu Natal, recognises a whole lot of Little Miss Busy in herself and said her colleague Russel Perry is up for the job as Little Mr Chatterbox

Sara Joubert

Little Miss Busy

Russel Perry

Little Mr Chatterbox

Mr Impossible is the role David Macmillan sees himself in and detects a bit of Little Mr Perfect in Kyle Zanninello. 

Fun Fact: Little Miss characters didn’t arrive on the scene until ten years after the first Mr Men 

David Macmillan

Mr Impossible

Kyle Zanninello

Little Mr Perfect

Kevin Rowley, the national sales manager jokingly labels himself as Little Mr Jelly and puts Sandra Mee into the Little Miss Sunshine category. 

Kevin Rowley

Little Mr Jelly

Sandra Mee

Little Miss Sunshine

The character of Little Miss Whoops belongs to Tracy Wolf, and she says the title of Little Miss Star should go to Sandra Mee. 

Tracy Wolf

Little Miss Whoops

Little Miss Star

Sandra Mee

Daniela Fuchs told us she sees plenty of Little Miss Naughty in herself and nominated Mandy Velloen as Little Miss Neat. 

Fun Fact: Unlike other characters who wear sneakers, Mr Funny’s shoes are dark red, and they are slightly larger than the other characters' sneakers because he is actually a clown)

Daniela Fuchs

Little Miss Naughty

Mandy Velloen

Little Miss Neat

Kylen Plasket-Govender is Little Mr Calm, and he put his colleague Kayla Rodrigues up for the role of Little Miss Bossy.

Kylen Plasket-Govender

Little Mr Calm

Kayla Rodrigues

Little Miss Bossy

Rael says, “Even though you're grown up, you should never stop having fun. And this Mr Men and Little Miss character challenge teaches us that, and many other things, like how not to take ourselves too seriously.”