Mar 2021

Globally, philanthropy is in decline, and the reasons are not hard to understand. The economic conditions related to the Covid-19 pandemic are forcing donors, volunteers and nonprofit organisations to rethink how they give and receive charitable aid. The US-based Chronicle of Philanthropy conducted an international survey, and the results are brutal.Seventy-three per cent of charities say they have seen a decline in contributions, and half say they expect to see revenue decline. 

Only six per cent expect giving to increase.In the current climate, where charities, non-profits and foundations face serious challenges, how are local initiatives faring? Liliesleaf , one of South Africa’s foremost national heritage sites, relies on private donations, corporate contributions, and tourism revenue. COVID-19has had a devastating effect on the South African tourism industry. Nicholas Wolpe, CEO of Liliesleaf, says that this historical site is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, travel bans and lack of funding. 

No visitors means no entrance fees, no revenue from the gift store and no support for the coffee shop. All of this translates into a dire situation for the operational funding and the legacy programme.Nonprofits, charities and foundations play an essential role in society. The pandemic has emphasised how valuable these efforts are, from schools collecting tinned food to high profile organisations like Gift of the Givers undertaking crucial COVID-19 support by providing medical supplies, testing stations and necessities like water. Rael Demby, CEO ofThe South African Gold Coin Exchange & The Scoin Shop, says, “ we believe in strategic philanthropy; campaigns that provide much-needed support to worthy causes ”. 

SACGE &The Scoin Shop have not let the pandemic get in the way of their commitment to goodwill. Even during this unprecedented time, support has continued. For example, SACGE & The Scoin Shop has continued to help prestigious foundations like the Martin Luther King JNR Cultural Foundation, The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation, The FW de Klerk Foundation and The Nelson Mandela Foundation. How does this work? Prestigious commemorative coins minted by the Mint of Norway and marketed by SAGCE & The Scoin Shop create an ongoing philanthropy stream by donating a percentage of sales to selected foundations. “This is not just a sales pitch. We know this generates goodwill among customers, employees and the community at large. ” The Nobel Laureate Medallion Programme has generated over R40m in royalties for the foundations acknowledged, as well as the Nobel Institute in Norway.

The book From Civil Rights to Human Rights (Thomas F. Jackson) examines Martin Luther King jr’s lifelong commitment to economic equality, racial justice, and international peace.These values underpin the work carried out by the Martin Luther King JNR CulturalFoundation, The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation, The FW de Klerk Foundation and The Nelson Mandela Foundation. 

Human Rights month is commemorated throughoutMarch, with the highlight being National Human Rights Day on Sunday 21st March. This is a poignant day to reflect on the events of 1960 and a day to celebrate the ongoing work of charities, non-profits and foundations, and the philanthropic initiatives that make this possible.

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