Store your coins with SafeGold

SafeGold is a premium safe custody option, at an affordable price. We’ve spent decades building an infrastructure of trusted and committed relationships with our vaults and insurers, allowing us to bring our clients the most affordable, secure storage facility.

This is a unique safety storage solution, as your locker is limitless, we don’t charge you per item stored, allowing you to safely secure your entire physical wealth portfolio with us. This is a trusted safe custody option that offers you the luxury of remaining anonymous while ensuring your valuable collection is locked up safely and insured, for your peace of mind. 

SafeGold is the safe custody option for everyone.

Select a package that works best for you.

5 year
3 year
1 year
Once off price (VAT incl.)R10 000
R5 500
R3 500
R1 500

Did you know that one cannot insure Krugerrands in one’s home?

You read that right, insuring Krugerrands within your home is not legally possible. While you might be able to insure other valuables, some you can’t. That’s why SafeGold is the ideal safety storage solution. We’ll store and insure your Krugerrands, medallions and numismatics with SafeGold.

SafeGold - Safety. Uncompromised.
R 1,500.00