Diwali Gilded 1oz Silver Medallion

Diwali, the five day festival, symbolises the triumph of spiritual light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. This ancient Hindu festival, the “Festival of Lights” is widely celebrated by millions of people in India and around the world.

Moreover, this annual festival begins the Hindu New Year, which aligns with the Hindu lunar calendar, and therefore takes place during October or November. 

This faithful celebration includes a multitude of traditions, where rows of clay lamps are lit and displayed outside homes to symbolise the inner light that protects the home and it’s dwellers from spiritual darkness. In the lead up to the festival, observers begin to clean, renovate and festoon their homes and work spaces by decorating with diya lamps and beautiful rangoli patterns in and around the entrances. This serves as a welcoming gesture, ensuring that everyone feels the warmth of this festival of lights, attracting luck and removing negative energies. The rangoli patterns are created using coloured rice, petals, flour and powders. 

The annual event marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year in October or November, with the date changing in accordance with the Hindu lunar calendar. This year, Diwali will begin on 14 November. 

Diwali festival goers participate in puja, prayers, where observers kneel before Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, as they seek her divine and holy blessing.

To acknowledge this beautiful festival, Australia’s Perth Mint has struck a beautiful medallion. This 1oz silver medallion is crafted in a highly pure 99.99% silver, and it features Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity who is often referred to as the Lotus Goddess, sitting on a large lotus flower while holding smaller lotus flowers in each hand. Within the design, we see coins flowing from her into a bowl at her feet. Whatsmore, the medallion has an added element of beauty because the artisans at the Perth Mint have gilded Lakshmi in 24-karat gold. The medallion’s weight and fineness are inscribed below the design with the words “happy” and “Diwali” appearing on either side of the goddess along with The Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark to the right of the design.

Rows of clay lamps are lit and displayed outside homes to symbolise the inner light that protects the home and it’s dwellers from spiritual darkness.

The medal’s obverse displays a diya oil lamp that is surrounded by flower petals in a rangoli-inspired pattern.

Celebrate this beautiful festival of lights by adding this medallion to your collection today.

2020 Diwali Gilded 1oz Silver Medallion

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Specifications - Diwali 1oz Silver Gilded Medallion 

One-Ounce Silver Proof Coin

Maximum Coin Mintage











Monique Reeves



Produced by

The Perth Mint Australia