Worth its Weight in Silver

Many people know about the gold Krugerrand which defined the bullion world in 1967. To mark the 50th anniversary of the gold Krugerrand, The South African Mint decided to produce this iconic coin in silver in 2017. 

We present the Silver Krugerrand Monster Box, a sealed box of 500 silver Krugerrand coins. The launch has celebrated one of the most secure and favourited silver bullion coins on the market today. 

The silver Krugerrand coins are in pristine condition, as they are uncirculated. 

Just like the famous gold Krugerrand, the obverse of the silver coin features a portrait of South African President Paul Kruger with the words “SUID-AFRIKA – SOUTH AFRICA” inscribed. 

While the reverse features the coin’s name KRUGERRAND, the minted date and FYNSILWER 1 OZ FINE SILVER R1 (a reference to South Africa’s unit of currency – the rand). Together with South African’s national animal, the Springbok. 

There are many advantages of owning a Silver Krugerrand Monster Box, including the following:


Its value moves directly with the price of silver and features a finely reeded edge for added security. 
Buy and sell:

The coin contains an ounce of pure silver. Its value is true, and it makes it simple for dealers to post competitive buy and sell spreads worldwide.

The Silver Krugerrand Monster Box contains 20 tubes of 25 coins for a total of 500 coins. Each tube is sealed with a holographic strip for added security. 

These boxes incorporate other innovative new features like an interlocking system for secure stacking. 
Easy to handle:

Recessed handles for easy handling and built-in recessed slots for protection of the security straps.

This coin is a rare find, with only 12 pieces minted and available worldwide, promising to complete and enhance any coin collection. 

This is a collectors dream, escalating a collection by 500 coins in a single purchase. 

One of the most secure and favourited silver bullion coins on the market today

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