The Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to the Oak:

a symbol of liberty and happiness for the French Republic with this commemorative coin that pays tribute to the universal importance and significance of the Oak Tree.  

The Oak ½ oz €1 000 Gold Coin has been the first released in a three-year series called “The Nature of France”.

In November 2004, the USA officially named the oak tree as the national tree of America. While in France, the oak tree is a highly respected tree, which has been used to build almost everything including: ships, churches, barrels that hold some of France’s most expensive wines. Oak has also proven to be a prominent symbol used in French currency.

The debut of this three-year series in 2020 sees the oak take a central role that reflects the importance of the oak tree, and reminds us all of the deep roots it has in monetary history. 

For the French Republic, the oak is a symbol of liberty, happiness and strength. It has been used on French coins for centuries, dating all the way back to the Roman Republic where a crown crafted out of oak tree leaves would be woven and awarded to anyone who saved the life of a Roman citizen.

As time went on, the oak tree itself began to symbolise a citizen-first society, proving how this sturdy tree has - and continues - to stand the test of time.

This gold proof coin has a worldwide maximum edition limit set to just 5,000 coins. This coin is by definition a key coin to add to any collection.  

“An oak tree is just a small nut that persevered against the taunts of doubt and fear.” - Matshona Dhliwayo  

Oak €1000 - 1/2oz Gold Coin

R 35,000.00
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Specifications - Oak £1000 - 1/2oz Gold Coin  

Half-Ounce Gold Proof Coin


Maximum Coin Mintage











Brilliant Uncirculated


Produced by

Monnaie de Paris