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Welcome to the digital age of gold ownership

PAX Gold (PAXG) seamlessly bridges the timeless value of physical gold with the efficiency and accessibility of digital assets.
  • 1 PAXG Digital Token = 1 Ounce of Physical Gold

  • Secure and Regulated

  • Linked to the Spot Gold Price

Bridging the gap between physical and digital gold

Imagine holding an ounce of gold in your pocket, not as a heavy metal, but as a digital token. PAXG offers precisely this: the ability to own physical gold stored securely in vaults, represented digitally. With PAXG, one digital token equals one ounce of real gold, providing a unique blend of digital convenience and physical substance. It revolutionizes gold investment by eliminating the need for banks and custody fees, enabling easy buying, selling, or redeeming of digital gold anytime in-store at The Scoin Shop | The South African Gold Coin Exchange.


How PAXG Transforms Gold Ownership

Linked to Spot Gold Price

PAXG's value is directly linked to the current gold price, ensuring your investment reflects real-time market trends.

Regulated and Secure

Issued by Paxos, a New York Department of Financial Services regulated entity, PAXG stands at the intersection of trustworthiness and innovation. Paxos operates as a bankruptcy-remote entity, offering an additional layer of protection by keeping customer assets separate from corporate funds.

Backed by Physical Gold

Every PAXG token is backed by one ounce of fine gold, with its backing verified regularly by leading auditors, ensuring authenticity and trust.

We Sell, Accept and Redeem PAXG in store

You can redeem your PAXG tokens for physical gold coins at The Scoin Shop | The South African Gold Coin Exchange. We are the first retailer in the world to offer this. You can also buy more PAXG tokens in store using our PUNDI XPOS system.

Why Trust PAXG?

PAX Gold is more than a digital token; it's a bridge to the future of gold ownership. Regulated by a trusted authority, backed by real gold, and leveraging blockchain technology, PAXG offers a secure, transparent, and innovative way to own gold. Whether you're looking to hedge against inflation, have ownership with flexibility, or to explore the digital finance landscape, PAXG provides a solid foundation for your needs.

Join the revolution in gold investment. Discover PAXG today and unlock the full potential of gold.

Unique Benefits of PAXG

High Liquidity

PAXG is highly liquid with a fully diluted market cap of $418,590,350*

Reduced Costs

PAXG eliminates the storage, security and insurance expenses of gold

Redemption for Physical Gold

PAXG can be redeemed for physical gold coins at The Scoin Shop | The South African Gold Coin Exchange

Blockchain Security

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, PAXG ensures transparent, secure, and immutable transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the gold stored?

The gold backing PAX Gold (PAXG) is stored in secure vaults operated by Brink’s, a global leader in security-related services for banks, retailers, and a variety of other commercial and governmental customers. These vaults are located in London, which is known for its long history and expertise in storing precious metals.

2. Who audits the gold?

The gold that backs PAX Gold (PAXG) is audited by a third-party auditing firm, which is a nationally ranked auditing company. This firm checks to make sure that the amount of gold in the vaults matches the amount of PAXG tokens in circulation, ensuring that each token is indeed backed by the gold it represents. These audits are conducted regularly, and the reports are made available to the public to maintain transparency and trust.

3. Can I redeem gold anywhere else with PAX Gold? 

We are the first and only available retail outlet in the world that gives you the ability to redeem, exchange and purchase PAXG for physical gold. The expansion of this retail network is coming soon.
4. Who issues PAXG?
PAXG is issued by Paxos, a leading regulated blockchain & tokenization infrastructure platform. Paxos is a bankruptcy remote company, holding customer assets separate from any corporate funds and the company balance sheet. This is a layer of protection for consumers that few others in digital assets offer their customers. 

5. Is it safe?

Yes, buying PAX Gold (PAXG) is generally considered safe. It’s backed by actual gold stored in secure vaults, and the whole system is overseen by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Plus, regular audits by third-party firms ensure that the gold is really there. Just remember, as with any investment, you should do your own research or consult with a financial advisor to make sure it fits your investment goals and risk tolerance.

6. How do I store my PAXG tokens?

P(X)CARD:To store PAX Gold (PAXG), you will be issued a p(x)Card on purchase and your tokens will be loaded onto this card. This is a card just for your digital gold so keep it safe. If you lose it, you cannot redeem your gold. You can use the p(x)Card App on your phone which syncs with your physical card. The app lets you check how much digital gold you have. 

PRIVATE WALLET:PAXG can also be stored on any Ethereum wallet that supports it. PAXOS recommends Metamask and Trust Wallet.
7. Is PAXG a stablecoin like USDT?
PAXG shares some characteristics with stablecoins, particularly in terms of being an asset-backed digital currency, its stability is inherently tied to the value of gold rather than a fiat currency. This makes its behavior and use cases somewhat different from traditional stablecoins.
8. Can I physically own the gold equivalent represented by PAXG tokens?
Yes, you can redeem your PAXG tokens for physical gold coins at The Scoin Shop | The South African Gold Coin Exchange. We are the first retailer in the world to offer this. You can also buy more PAXG tokens in store using our PUNDI XPOS system.