Pay Attention: James Bond 007 Second coin release

The second coin to be released in the James Bond 007 collection is the much anticipated Pay Attention 007 2020 UK Quarter-Ounce Gold Proof Coin. Following the release of the first James Bond coin released earlier in 2020, where the iconic Aston Martin DB5 was celebrated, this new release showcases the futuristic, technologically advanced “Wet Nellie” car-slash-submarine.  

The James Bond films are renowned for the gadgets and technology used at a time where such luxuries and ideas were non-existent yet. We see many gadgets that had audiences gasping in amazement, that have now come to be part of our everyday life. Such as the biometric fingerprint detection shown in Diamonds Are Forever. Bond was always a step or two ahead of his time, with his suave appearance and effortless wins, he drew in audiences around the world with his wild adventures.   

Many fans will recognise the catchphrase used during most mission briefings, “Now pay attention 007”, which is used frequently throughout many films and is related to this coin in the series of 007 James Bond coins. The ‘Wet Nellie’ submarine car was a custom-made car that had the ability to turn into a submarine and emerge effortlessly into water. This technological advanced submarine car contained many gadgets including a mine dispenser, cement-spraying jets, two under-hood harpoons, missile launchers and radar-guided missiles too. 

The Royal Mint celebrates bond with this gadget-infused submarine vehicle that is perfectly portrayed on the coin’s design by designers Matt Dent and Christian Davies. This is a limited edition with only 1 007 coins minted, struck in a quarter of an ounce of 999.9 fine gold.

The ‘Wet Nellie’ submarine car was a custom-made car that had the ability to turn into a submarine and emerge effortlessly into water.  

While we await the third and final James Bond coin to be released, we anticipate the release as all three coins lined up together reveal a unified design.

This coin is the ultimate collectors coin, affording fans around the world the opportunity to own a piece of the power that is James Bond, 007. 

Specifications - Pay Attention 007 - 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin 2020

Quarter-Ounce Gold Proof Coin


Coin Mintage




Reverse Designer

Obverse Designer




Produced By



999.9 fine gold



Matt DentChristian Davies

Jody Clark


2020MilledThe Royal Mint