The Queen Victoria 2019 UK 1 Kilo

The Queen Victoria 2019 UK 1 Kilo is one of the rarer coins in the world with only 12 available worldwide. This gold proof celebrates the birth year of both Queen Victoria and her devoted husband, Prince Albert - the year 1819. The pair were a mighty couple who reigned over England, from her coronation that took place on 28 June 1838 until 1901. 

The pair were first cousins, which was not unusual during that period in history.

At the time, it was royal tradition that a reigning monarch could not be proposed to, which is why Queen Victoria proposed to Albert. “Oh, to feel I was, and am, loved by such an angel as Alvert, was too great a delight to describe!” Queen Victoria recalled.

Prince Albert was a rather progressive individual and was a supporter of the Great Exhibition of 1851, where the inspiration for this coin comes from. The coin features Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the peak of their young adulthood, epitomising the optimism and hope of a time where a young woman ruled. 

The coin re-exhibits a design by former Royal Mint Chief Engraver William Wyon, with the Roman numerals marking the couple’s joint birth year 1819. 

This coin is a rare find, with only 12 pieces minted and available worldwide, promising to complete and enhance any coin collection. 

Queen Victoria 2019 UK - 1 kilo Gold Proof Coin

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Specifications - Queen Victoria 2019 UK - 1 Kilo Gold Proof Coin

One-Kilo Gold Proof Coin


Maximum Coin Mintage




Reverse Designer

Obverse Designer








William Wyon

Jody Clark



Produced by

The Royal Mint