The Britannia 2021 1Oz Silver Monster Box

This coin exemplifies The Royal Mint’s vision for excellence in design and security. 

The Royal Mint has for over 1 100 years created coins that are both beautiful, rare and secure. In 2021, The Royal Mint presents the Britannia, the symbol of Britain, that is the very first to feature the latest high-tech security feature, redefining security in the bullion market.

The Britannia 2021 1Oz coin is the most visually secure coin in the world. This latest innovation of four new groundbreaking security features presents further decoration and protection to the coin, just as the micro-text around the edges of the coin states “DECUS ET TUTAMEN” meaning “An Ornament and a Safeguard”.

The obverse shows Jody Clark’s effigy of Her Majesty the Queen, while the reverse of the coin boasts a beautiful and intricate design by Phillip Nathan, glorifying Britannia (the symbol of Britain) in a flowing gown. In the lower left side of the coin sits a trident that represents her naval history. Once the viewer of the coin moves their perspective this trident merges into a padlock, further emphasising the coin’s secure features. Behind Britannia are waves that appear to be moving as a result of surface animation, as well as a detailed Union flag found on her shield, highlighted by tincture lines. These make for a copy of this coin to be impossible, and further add to the beauty of this coin.

The Britannia 2021 1Oz coin is the only coin to embody the new security details, and brings with it a new expectation for coins going forward.

The actual silver weight of The Britannia 2021 1Oz Monster Box is 500 troy ounces.

The Britannia 2021 1Oz coin is the most visually secure coin in the world.

Specifications - 2020 Five Sovereign Piece Brilliant Uncirculated Gold Coin

22 Carat Brilliant Uncirculated Gold Coin

Maximum Coin Mintage




Reverse Designer

Obverse Designer



Produced by


22 Carat Gold



Benedetto Pistrucci

Jody Clark

Brilliant Unciculated


The Royal Mint