Life in South Africa is unpredictable - You Can Only Control What You Can Control
Apr 2023

Cost Free Growth. No management fees.

Life in South Africa is unpredictable - You Can Only Control What You Can Control

South Africans are feeling out of control. Not only because of political and economic uncertainty, crime and corruption, financial pressures and high levels of unemployment but day-to-day stressors like load shedding, water-supply difficulties and omnipresent potholes. 

We have to swallow ever-increasing mismanagement, incompetence, poor planning, and wasteful spending. No wonder there is an alarming increase in anxiety levels. You can't control the power grids, but you can focus on achieving greater financial security by looking for practical solutions that can help protect your wealth. You can only control what you can control. Drive your financial future with Gold. If you're searching for ways to protect your wealth or diversify, Gold is a practical solution.

Rael Demby, CEO of The South African Gold Coin Exchange & The Scoin Shop, says:

"More than ever, wealth preservation is a focus. We are seeing a huge interest in gold bullion, silver and numismatics. People are buying Gold and silver as a hedge against elevated uncertainty. Buyers of physical precious metals are motivated by the fact that Gold and silver offer a safe store of value, are a currency hedge, combat inflationary concerns are moveable and are not subject to management fees."

Gold is doing what it's always been doing — acting as a cushion in times of market uncertainty. Whether we like it or not, we live in a volatile world. The threatening situation in Europe, high inflation, deterioration of fiat currency and a slump in mood in South Africa all make a strong argument for a return to Gold. 

But Gold is not a "get rich quick" strategy. On the contrary, slow and steady accumulation is the quintessential off-grid private wealth solution. You don't need to keep an eye on it like you would a portfolio of shares, and you are not subject to investment management fees which are often as clear as mud.


Although a sound regulatory and legal framework backs the financial services sector, more must be done to ensure complete transparency regarding investment management fees. You might think that fees have been fully disclosed - but the "devil is in the detail", especially when it comes to performance fees. Everyone needs access to and understanding of this information to consider appropriate investment vehicles.

With Gold, you are in control. Once you have decided to buy bullion, coins or collectables as a sensible diversifier, you only need to consider safe storage and insurance. No stealth advisory, management or performance fees eroding your asset.

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