Our partner Troygold is recognised as a global tech innovator
Nov 2022

Our partner Troygold is recognised as a global tech innovator

As you know, last year, we partnered with Troygold so that you could digitise and monetise your gold. And recently, we introduced you to the Troygold loan facility - which allows you to use your gold as collateral. 

One of our motivations for our relationship with Troygold is that we are constantly evolving as a business, and we must be responsive to creativity, imagination and vision. Over 450 tech firms have their roots in Stellenbosch, giving it the reputation as South Africa’s “Silicon Valley”, and this is where the most time-honoured store of value is being reimagined. Stellenbosch and Troygold have delivered a world first with the arrival of the first digitisation and monetisation platform for gold. That’s the backstory to our connection with Troygold. You can read more about how you can digitise your gold and how the professional, flexible loan facility works 


Did you know that Troygold took third place in this year’s KPMG Tech Innovator in Africa competition? This face-off is focused on recognising Africa’s leading tech innovators by challenging tech-enabled, tech-led or tech-driven companies to pitch their innovations to a panel of industry experts.

So, what makes a Global Tech Innovator? According to KPMG, “these are typically technology entrepreneurs who are successfully making the transition from the startup phase to the next stage in the growth of their businesses. They have developed innovative, proven technologies, established robust business models, demonstrated traction and have the potential to scale up globally”. 

The competition judges were guided by six criteria, and entrants had to demonstrate how well they stacked up in terms of disruption and innovation, market potential, customer adoption, market traction and marketing, long-term potential and the quality of their pitch. Like every competitor, Troygold was given just ten minutes to present and answer the panel's questions. This year’s competition attracted 159 entries, showing how robust tech innovation is in Africa. Alan Barr, Partner and Head of Private Enterprise at KPMG, said that “Africa is ripe with innovation, and this competition truly showcases Africa’s leading tech innovators on a local and global scale”.

The panel of judges saw what we saw; that Troygold is a game changer. Digital gold enables a broader market of retail investors to access saving in gold, as gold buying and storing can now be done in minutes on an app and at any currency amount. And the latest innovation – a gold-backed loan facility - provides existing gold holders access to the gold’s value, in the form of a cash facility, without selling their Krugerrands, medallions and collectables.

Progress is impossible without change. Our partnership with Troygold shows we are committed to moving gold ownership forward and that we are constantly looking for ways to redefine gold ownership.

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