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About the Proof Krugerrand

The Krugerrand proof coin is a collectors coin that showcases the fine craft, design and technique corresponding to the original bullion coin. Proof coins are pressed several times with a lower weight, transferring each detail impeccably. A proof coin is hand-packed and encapsulated to ensure the mint condition is maintained.

Fifty years after it was first minted, the demand to own gold has helped to increase the sale and trade of gold Krugerrand coins.

Proof Coin Features:

Mirror-Like Frosted Finish

Double Struck

Not Intended To Be Touched By Hand

Scratches Will Affect The Value

Easy To Damage The Coins

Not Stackable

Yearly Limited Mintage

220 Serrations

Very Sharp Sides

Added Numismatic Value

Does Not Attract Capital Gains Tax

High Quality Coin

The Scoin Shop Story

The Scoin Shop opened its doors in 1972 as the retail division of The South African Gold Coin Exchange and is currently the largest gold coin distributor in South Africa. We have 12 retail shops nationwide, making gold easily accessible to our local clients. As the market leaders in buying and selling gold and other precious metal coins, we take pride in helping our customers begin, expand and safekeep their coin collections. We offer our clients some of the world’s rarest collectable numismatics, Krugerrands and ZARs. Our coin offerings include a wide range of coins showcasing masterpiece artwork, iconic figures and moments in history, wildlife and nature.

Our longstanding partnerships with various mints of the world ensures that we are able to offer the highest quality coins with the most innovative and unique coin designs from around the world. Our partnerships with foundations, charities, institutions and associations over 45 years stand testament to the hard work our incredible team have done for numismatics and collecting at large.

We offer an unparalleled service within the industry, providing absolute coin quality, safe delivery or collection, and secure storage options. Our clients are afforded peace of mind when storing their bullion and numismatics securely with our SafeGold safe custody options.

Join us in learning more about these collectables and start or expand your collection of coins today, one coin at a time.

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