Museums Masterpiece Collection

This exclusive collection released by the Monnaie de Paris showcases some of the world’s most famous artworks. Including Van Gogh’s Self Portrait, Picasso’s The Guernica and Hokusai’s The Wave, these 1/4oz gold proof coins boast the full masterpieces on the obverse sides. These proof gold coins are made of .999 fine gold and are uniquely square with a rare mintage of only 1,500.  

Self Portrait - Van Gogh ¼oz Gold

Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh produced many masterpieces in his lifetime. Van Gogh made at least 27 self-portraits, and today the Monnaie de Paris celebrates the major Masterpieces of French Museums including Van Gogh’s Self Portrait that has been minted into a ¼oz gold proof coin. 

The Wave - Hokusai ¼oz Gold

The Great Wave of Kanagawa by renowned Japanese artist Hokusai, has been minted into a 1/4oz gold proof coin as part of the Major Masterpieces of French Museums by The Monnaie de Paris. As far as Japanese art goes, this particular artwork “The Wave” is regarded as one of the most significant pieces of work. 

Guernica - Picasso ¼oz Gold

Picasso’s famous Guernica oil painting, depicting the horror of the bombing of the Basque city on April 26, 1937 is being celebrated as one of the featured coins in the Major Masterpieces of French Museums by The Monnaie de Paris. This 1/4oz gold proof coin is part of the Museums Masterpiece collection.